On Fire: Bernie Sanders Nets Endorsements From Over 100 Celebrities

Is your favorite celebrity endorsing Bernie Sanders? The candidate has been endorsed by over 128 celebrities, so chances are the answer is yes. Among them, Will Ferrell, Danny DeVito, Mark Ruffalo, Juliette Lewis, John C. Reilly, Patton Oswalt, Margaret Cho, Michael “Killer Mike’ Render, Jeff Tweedy, composer Hans Zimmer, rapper Lil B and all members of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers have pledged their support to Sanders.

Sanders’ has a quality that makes everyone, even the famous, optimistic that our common values will prevail in spite of the current climate. As Republicans wage a war against the largest women’s public health institution in the nation, and put Social Security on the chopping block, it provides some comfort to see the large, star-driven push behind a value-oriented candidate. Thank goodness they are not supporting Trump.

“As artists and citizens we believe it is time for government to once again represent the people and not just big money,” Adam McKay, Ferrell’s writing partner for films like “Step Brothers” and “Anchorman,” said in a statement released by the campaign.

“Bernie Sanders is the only candidate speaking against the wide spread legalized corruption that has handed our government to billionaires, large corporations and banks.”

Sanders’ also has the Based God—rapper Lil B’s, endorsement. Lil B has a knack for calling out winners. His apparent “curse” on NBA players such as a Kevin Durrant was made famous by both the NBA and ESPN. Let’s hope this translates to politics as well.

“Right now there is a shift of the generations. Honesty and being in touch with the common man and woman is key,” Lil B said in a statement from the campaign. “This is where Bernie Sanders comes to mind with his essence and truth.”

The buzz that Sanders is generating is exhilarating. As the year unfolds and we get deeper into the campaign trenches, the trail is only going to turn into more of an entertainment spectacle in its own right. It makes sense that celebrities are hopping on the Sanders’ train. He is ahead 10 percent in the CNN/ORC national poll of Democrats, and in the lead in swing states Iowa and New Hampshire. If this continues, we are looking at our Democratic candidate for 2016. Lights, camera, action.

To see the full list of Bernie Sanders’ pop endorsements, visit this link.


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