Busted: Even FOX News Admits Carly Fiorina Lied About Planned Parenthood Video

Carly Fiorina has had a great post-debate week- for a Republican presidential candidate, anyway. She went from having almost no support from the GOP base, to second place in the polls — trailing front runner Donald Trump by just nine points. Clearly, the right-wing media has found themselves a new Republican darling of the month. It’s widely known that the GOP establishment hasn’t taken a shine to Donald Trump, because he has no problem insulting every person who gets in his way — even when they are on his side — and he is outing the party for the racist bigots they really are. So, Carly Fiorina’s performance at the debate gave the right-wing hope that they had found a new Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, she has a major problem with telling the truth. Her lies are so big, in fact, that not even the staunchest Republicans can ignore them.

During the debate last week, the disgraced Hewlett-Packard CEO looked out at the millions of viewers and the biggest fib of the entire campaign season came rolling off of her tongue. She said,”“Anyone who has watched this videotape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says, ‘We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.’”

This horrifically graphic lie was so preposterous that right-wing media was forced to take her to task for it. National Review editor Jonah Goldberg wrote a column for the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday where he was forced to admit that Fiorina was full of it:

Fiorina’s description of what takes place in the videos has come under withering attack. Sarah Kliff of Vox.com labels Fiorina’s version of the scene as “pure fiction.” Politifact says it is “mostly false.” And they have a point. The exact scene, exactly as Fiorina describes it, is not on the videos.”

Even though Goldberg went on to explain why he thinks her lie was justified, the fact remains that he had to say that she wasn’t telling the truth and he was not alone. During an interview on Sunday, Fox New’s Chris Wallace called the Republican contender a liar:

Do you acknowledge what every fact checker has found…that it was only described on the video…there is no actual footage that you just mentioned?”

She didn’t acknowledge that she was being dishonest, but there was no escaping Wallace’s facts.

The videos have already been released and not one single Planned Parenthood “baby parts” video shows a fetus kicking while its brain is being harvested. EvenThe Federalist admits this video does not exist:

In the video in question, a technician is talking about harvesting the brain of an alive, fully formed fetus. While she tells her story, there is footage of another baby of roughly the same gestational age as the one whose brain she “harvested”.

That’s right, they said it does not exist, but instead there is a woman talking about it and while she is talking about it, they cut to footage of a fetus that is roughly the same age. Then the wesite tries to defend her, by saying this video of a woman talking and a random fetus was released by another anti-abortion organization entirely — The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. While the description is very graphic and appears to involve a nearly fully-formed fetus, it should be remembered that, as Salon noted, about “1.2 percent of all abortions performed yearly are late-term. It also tells me that data strongly indicates late-term abortions are only performed in cases of severe fetal abnormalities or for the health of the mother, which is why even Republicans will usually build such exceptions into antiabortion bills.”


It doesn’t matter how many times she says the line about the baby on the table, it will never make it true and not even conservatives believe her, except openly fascist hate rags like Breitbart News. 

The far-right website defended Carly and said the fact checkers who investigated her claims were the REAL liars!

Because Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina dared Wednesday night to be a woman who attacked the mainstream media’s holy temple of abortion, the lying fact-checkers came out in force before the CNN debate was even over to punish her for sharing with the world the horrors of the infamous Planned Parenthood videos released over the summer…These dishonest, highly partisan fact-checking attacks on Fiorina are just another part of the media’s ongoing cover-up to protect Planned Parenthood and smother the Nazi-like horrors exposed in the videos.

Breitbart shamelessly deploys the Republican Party’s favorite tactic when they are caught with their pants on fire: “the-prove-my-case-for-me strategy” by saying, “publish or broadcast the documentation that backs up your claim.”

Except that it has been proven that the video does not exist. But absence of fact has never been a problem for the right. The Nation reported that:

Since it’s not actually possible to watch the footage Fiorina described, the PAC supporting her recently tried to create it. A heavily-edited one-minute video posted to YouTube on Saturday and emailed to her supporters contains clips of Fiorina at the debate, interspersed with images and audio cobbled together from a variety of sources.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time she has lied to get ahead; like most Republicans, she has little regard for the constraints of “truth”. Fiorina has traveled the country lying to perspective voters and upselling an “amazingly successful” career at tech giant Hewlett-Packard. That is another fairytale the right-wing has been forced to confront and one that Donald Trump is all too eager to talk about.

This is a huge problem for the Fiorina Campaign. When even Republican firebrand propaganda echo chambers like Fox News aren’t buying the rhetoric she is offering, there are definite warning signs. Fox News has consistently been found to have the least informed viewers and that has led to millions of low-information, conservative voters casting their ballots for people like Ted Cruz. So at the very least, you would think that they would at least sugarcoat her lies, but even they couldn’t do that. It’s a pretty big fail when the candidate is so dishonest that even the GOP’s media machines are forced to tell the truth.



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