Good Guy With A Gun "Saves" Carjacking Victim By Shooting Him In The Head

The delusional fantasies that gun enthusiasts entertain about being a “good guy with a gun” were proven to be nonsense once again by an incident this past weekend, when a man attempting to stop a carjacking in Houston, Texas, shot the victim in the head by mistake.

At 11:15 pm on September 27th, two men began to try to steal an occupied car. A passerby decided to involve himself and “save the day” by firing several gunshots at the vehicle. The two thieves were unscathed, but the carjacking victim took a bullet in the head and is now in critical condition. Police are still searching for both parties.

It just goes to show that the hypermasculine fantasies of being a hero with a gun are just that- fake. Studies show that in a situation with an active shooter, an armed civilian is much more likely to injure themselves or innocents than to actually resolve the crisis. It’s beyond time we instituted some kind of reasonable gun control in this country. Americans have proven again and again that we cannot be responsible with them.

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