Obama: I Won't Negotiate With Legislative Terrorists Who Want To Shut Down Government

The extremist right-wing’s plans to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood have been temporarily delayed, but they are still squaring off to have the same fight all over again at the beginning of November. President Obama has had enough of this irresponsible brinkmanship, and unequivocally stated on Friday that he will NOT negotiate with these legislative terrorists over the debt ceiling again.

“When it comes to the debt ceiling, we’re not going back there. I do think there is still a path for us to come up with a reasonable agreement that raises the spending caps above sequester to make sure that we can properly finance both our defense and non-defense needs, that maintains a prudent control of our deficits and that we can do that in short order” said the President. But he has had enough of the Republicans using niche issues as leverage to hold the entire nation’s economy hostage.

You can’t have an issue like that potentially wreck the entire U.S. economy, any more than I should hold the entire budget hostage to my desire to do something about gun violence. There are some fights that we fight individually” he warned the rambunctious rabble of right-wing anti-establishment Republicans.

Whether or not his warning will be heeded is up to the so-called “Freedom Caucus” of Tea Partiers, who have abandoned all pretense of actually legislating in favor of a kamikaze strike on President Obama’s progressive agenda. Our nation cannot afford to keep re-fighting these battles over and over again. The economic instability and damage to our national credit that we endure every time we have this budget fight is far too big of a price to pay to cater to the irrational demands of a small group of extremists. If they are true patriots, then they will allow our government to keep functioning and spare our federal employees the hardship of furloughed pay and spare our nation the humiliation of being held hostage by a group of radical ideologues. At any rate, President Obama has had enough, and has put his foot down once and for all.

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