Shocking New Poll Has Bernie Sanders CRUSHING Trump & Bush In A Landslide

A new poll by the McClatchy News Service and the Marist Poll has found that Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would absolutely wreck either Jeb Bush or Donald Trump in the general election, cruising to the White House by beating both of them a margin of ten points or more. While Sanders has been leading Trump for several polls now, the lead over Jeb Bush is a new development, most likely in response to Jeb Bush’s concentrated efforts to successfully derail his own campaign.

It’s very clear that the reporting of Sanders campaign by the mainstream media has entirely failed to reflect the popularity of his populist, progressive platform – but his rivals have certainly noticed. As the Republican candidates continue to fall deeper into their own delusional visions of reality, they at least have the sense to begin complaining about the “crony capitalism” that is endemic in Washington and have begun at least addressing the income inequality that is crippling our middle class. Of course, their voting base seems entirely unaware that its the GOP’s own policies which have resulted in these problems in the first place.

The offensive amount of ignorance that was spewed in last night’s GOP debate about America’s economic outlook should be enough warning for any responsible and informed American to vote Democratic this coming election. Salon‘s description of spat between Rand Paul and Marco Rubio is a perfect warning of the choices that we really face: “These two human-shaped nullities of fetishistic sloganeering stood poised to have a conversation unencumbered by the edifices of misdirection that Republican candidates have to erect to keep the base from noticing it is basically the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water, sitting calmly while the plutocrats who run the super PACs grab every bit of the nation’s wealth that isn’t nailed down.”

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