Republican Threatens Refugees: "I'll Shoot Them Myself" To "End Their Miserable Lives!"

The Nevada Republican who sent out a Christmas card featuring armed toddlers has put her proverbial foot in her mouth once again – this time in a much more offensive fashion. Michele Fiore, Assemblywoman of the Fourth District, when asked by a Las Vegas radio show about why she refused to sign a statement by Republicans opposing the resettlement of Syrian refugees, indicated it didn’t go far enough for her:

“What–are you kidding me? I’m about to fly to Paris and shoot ‘em in the head myself! I am not OK with Syrian refugees. I’m not OK with terrorists. I’m OK with putting them down, blacking them out, just put a piece of brass in their ocular cavity and end their miserable life. I’m good with that.”

Where to start with this outrageously offensive and dangerously delusional statement? The automatic equivocation of Syrian refugees and the terrorists that they are fleeing from is a very dangerous sign, not to mention her apparent willingness to commit extrajudicial murders without any evidence. The enthusiasm for said killings is also very upsetting. Despite being a mother herself, she shows no compassion or empathy for the families fleeing horrific violence and looking for safety and stability. It just goes to show how the virulent Islamophobic rhetoric that is circulating the right-wing echo chamber truly poisons minds and dictates atrocious narratives. If this is the kind of trash that the right-wing casually endorses, then they do not deserve a voice in the rational governance of a multicultural and multigendered nation.

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