John McCain’s Son Just DESTROYED “Ignorant Racists” Enraged Over Old Navy’s Interracial Ad

Anyone who thought bigoted conservatives couldn’t come up with a stupider, more backwards boycott than their recent campaign against Target in the name of anti-transgender discrimination was in for a rude awakening this weekend. After clothing retailer Old Navy tweeted an ad featuring an interracial couple over the weekend angry conservatives took to the internet to announce they would be boycotting the store in the name of racial apartheid.

Among those who were personally offended by this throwback to the era of burning crosses was Jack McCain, the son of prominent Republican Senator John McCain (AZ). The younger McCain, a Navy lieutenant and helicopter pilot, is married to Air Force Reserve Captain Renee Swift, who is African-American. He took to Twitter yesterday with a simple message for the hate-mongerers: “Eat it!” He followed up his initial tweet with an elegant photo of himself and his wife on their wedding day, again telling off the “ignorant racists” who somehow still can’t stomach equality. His wife also tweeted her support for Old Navy, and, by extension, interracial marriage and common human decency.

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