APOCALYPSE NOW: Kasich Drops Out, Making Trump The Official Republican Nominee

Brace yourselves, America. Ohio Governor John Kasich has suspended his lackluster presidential campaign, leaving Donald J. Trump uncontested on his way to being the nominee of the Republican Party.

There is little to say about Kasich’s campaign. Overshadowed by extremism on all sides, Kasich’s bland and insincere attempts to play the role of the moderate were derailed and ignored by the media circus that has followed Trump wherever he goes. His refusal to espouse the more blatantly discriminatory policies championed by shameless bigots like Trump and Cruz were lost in the shuffle.

What didn’t escape the public’s notice, however, was his own record of misogynistic extremism, especially when it comes to a woman’s right to choose. He said that women “came out of their kitchens” to support him, implying that women belong in kitchens – an offensive and condescending remark that illustrates just how out of touch the Republican Party is with mainstream America.

What was truly unforgivable, however, was when he told college students to avoid alcohol and parties if they didn’t want to be sexually assaulted, reiterating the Republican policy of blaming women for their own rapes and shifting the burden of guilt off those truly responsible for those heinous crimes.

The Republican Party’s unprecedented primary battle is now over. Donald Trump stands alone, his tiny hands having torn the withered heart of the GOP from its ailing host. It speaks volumes that a billionaire with no policies or experience has so decisively defeated his sixteen rivals, all with their own variations of the cookie-cutter Republican platform. But the voters have spoken, and Donald Trump is now the sole remaining conservative candidate for the presidency of the United States.

The task before us is monumental, a battle unlike one we’ve ever had to fight before. But for the sake of our nation, we must succeed in keeping this dangerous bigot far from the White House.

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