Glenn Beck Goes On Epic Anti-Trump Rant, Makes Sense For First Time EVER

In this clip, conservative radio host Glenn Beck finally has a moment of clarity when faced with the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency. Beck has been behaving with increasing instability as the campaign has dragged on, with his rhetoric in support of defeated religious extremist Ted Cruz taking on Messianic qualities – as his deep-seated hatred for the Republican front-runner has only intensified.

Beck has been fasting in support of Cruz and recently put his face into a bowl of Cheeto dust in order to mock Donald Trump’s signature spray-tanned complexion. After Cruz’s defeat last night, Beck went on his program and signed the death certificate of the Republican Party.

“Donald Trump is the face of the GOP. That makes us crony capitalists, it makes us wafflers, it makes us pretty racist. It makes us big government-guys. You name it. It makes us that. Well I’m none of those things. I can’t say these are my friends, because that’s my future. I won’t tolerate it. I don’t want my children to look at that man and say, yeah, he’s my president. I will not have that. I will not endorse it…You will never elect another GOP person to high office ever again.

He’s not wrong. The Republican Party in its present form will never be seen again. If we are very lucky, they will never win another election. They cannot survive this. Eight years of relentless obstruction, of standing in the way of every piece of legislation, of arrogantly dismissing the demands of voters has provoked a political rebellion against Rience Prebius and the rest of the GOP. The toxic potion of racism, ignorance, and hatred now being poured down the throat of the Republican Party is a brew of their own creation – and there is nothing the party can do but choke and die. What comes afterwards is the real question.

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