About Us

Founded in late 2012, Occupy Democrats is a political organization and information website that provides a new counterbalance to the Republican Tea Party. The Occupy Movement changed the national conversation medadvice around the issue of class and inequality https://thepaperwriting.com/ , but unlike the Tea Party, it failed to achieve legislative victories.

Who We Are

Our aim is to create a more equal society for all by working with progressives, President Obama & the Democratic Party! Our mission is to Occupy Democrats on November 2017 AND BEYOND by voting in a LANDSLIDE of progressive Democratic candidates! While the rightwing Tea Party has an entire caucus in Congress ruthlessly pursuing its extreme agenda, the Occupy movement has yet to produce even a single congressperson.

Occupy Democrats is a new and growing MOVEMENT dedicated to changing that! Let’s give the Tea Party the boot — for good! — by electing a slate of newly-energized progressives to Congress. Working through the democratic process, We The People will rise up to give President Obama and other progressive Democrats a Congress that will work with them to grow the economy, create jobs, promote fairness and fight inequality, and get money OUT of politics!

Occupying Wall Street in 2011 was only the beginning. Today we Occupy Democrats!!

We Advocate for Working With Democrats, Not Third Parties, To Fight Social and Economic Inequality. We Love, Support, Respect, and Admire Pres. Obama. 

If you are a writer (or an aspiring one) and would like to contribute to Occupy Democrats by writing current event news articles, please send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] and send any links to any current https://your-writers.net/ blogs you are writing or political fan pages that you manage or help manage on Facebook. сайт работ Thank you for being a part of Occupy Democrats.