Watch the Anti-Gun Video that is Making the NRA Sweat Bullets

This hard-hitting and eye-opening video from States United to Prevent Gun Violence is making pro-gun conservatives and the National Rifle Association fume — because it shows, unequivocally, that every gun has a history — and the potential for a new, tragic present.

When New Yorkers walked into this hidden camera-equipped “gun store” in New York City and inquired about buying a gun for themselves, The man behind the counter children recounted the tragic history of each gun, like the one used by Adam Lanza to gun down dozens of children in Newtown, or the one used by a toddler to shoot and kill his brother.

When faced with the risks and tragic reality of going ownership, the shoppers were left visibly shaken — and with their minds changed about the prospect of buying a gun.

Of course, pro-gun conservatives and the gun lobby are hysterical over the truth-packed video — even going as far as the call for the arrests of those involved.

Watch the video:


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