Watch: Obama Destroys 6 Years of Republican Obamacare Lies With 1 Joke

Five years into Obamacare, the results are in, and the President is jubilant. Addressing a crowd of supporters at the White House, he took a victory lap as he extolled the success of the healthcare program despite six years of relentless doom-and-gloom from the Republican Party.

“We’re saving money for families and businesses. And we’re saving lives” he opens, then goes on to extoll the economic and public benefits. He focused on the twelve million jobs created in the last sixteen months, the reduction of our deficit by two-thirds due to the slowing rate of healthcare cost increases, and the unprecedented fact that over 25 million Americans have gained access to affordable healthcare since the law was enacted.

He continued, using history, facts, and reality to take apart every Republican talking point over the last six years, and ended it by roasting his detractors with a sharp quip, drawing a chorus of laughs from the crowd: “We’ve been promised a lot of things over the past five years that didn’t turn out to be the case- death panels, doom, and a serious alternative from the Republicans in Congress.”

Watch the video:

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