Watch: A Father's Epic Defense of Gay Son Against Texas Republican Bigots

In this touching video, a passionate Texas father takes the podium at the State House to denounce the passage of a discriminatory bill and stands up for his son’s right to marry whomever he chooses.

Richard Francis, who had been in the same position ten years before to speak out against a similar bill, frustratedly argues that he was “puzzled that the state feels the need to radically reorganize the way we do business just to make sure my son can’t get married. Its also, in my opinion, a desperate last ditch attempt so that my son and his community will continue to be devalued de-marginalized, treated without dignity and without respect by their government.”

Bill 1745, which prohibits same-sex marriage even if the court system overturns the state ban, has a companion bill in the Republican-held Senate in order to subvert the judicial checks and maintain the statewide intolerance and discrimination enshrined in Rick Perry’s Texas.

“I firmly believe that no individual’s particular set of religious belief should ever be used to devalue another human being, or to treat them with respect” stated Mr. Francis.

Mr. Francis should be commended for his inspiring defense of not only his son, but of all members of the LGBT community across the nation.

Watch it here:


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