Watch John Fugelsang: 'Being Gay is Natural. Hating Gays is a Lifestyle Choice’

In this excellent video, liberal commentator John Fugelsang ripped the new Indiana anti-law that allows businesses to discriminate against gays under the guise of “religious freedom”:

You know, being gay is natural. Hating gays is a lifestyle choice. Mike Pence should be very very grateful there is not a law that prohibits businesses from serving fake Christian bigots. Because whether or not it is discrimination, it’s up for debate maybe? It certainly seems that way. What is not up for discussion is that it is not Christian. There is nothing in the gospel where Jesus ever condemns gay people. And really you can’t use anything in the entire New Testament including those three letters of Paul to deny service to gay people as well. If you are Christian it is not your job to judge gay people. It is your job to love gay people.”

Then, Fugelsang said sarcastically, “A lot of businesses are going to be staying away from Indiana after this. I kind of want to go to Indiana just to sell rainbow flags to all the non-bigoted businesses so they will know where to go shop.”

Boom. Kudos to Fugelsang for telling it like it is and shaming Gov. Pence and Indiana Republicans for using the bible to justify their bigotry and discrimination towards LGBT Americans.

Watch the video:

H/T to Egberto Willies.

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