Watch: Sen. Warren Slams 'Arrogant' Banks for Wanting to 'Shut that Woman Up'

In this clip, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) takes on the “arrogant” Wall Street banks that want to, as she puts it, “shut that woman up”.

She focuses her argument on the sheer arrogance of the banking firms and the influence that they wield in Washington, and she has only two demands from Wall Street: “Don’t cheat people…and no more ‘too big to fail’”. America has a dire need for consumer protection, not only from predatory financial institutions but also from the effects of their reckless gambling; America learned that the hard way when the big banks sent our economy into the worst recession since the 1930s.

She then takes the banks to task for their heavy-handed attempt to muffle her by threatening to withhold donations from her and her fellow Democrats. “I want you to think about the arrogance of big financial institutions, saying to the other Democrats: ‘Shut that woman up. Just get her to be quiet and stop giving us a hard time’. She laments how in this day and age that those with money in power “expect the government to work for them!”

Watch it here:

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