Watch: Rachel Maddow Breaks Down Why Plagiarist Rand Paul Is Unfit To Be President

In this informative clip, Rachel Maddow details Rand Paul’s whiny responses to his numerous plagiarism incidents and why that makes him unfit to be President. After breaking down his stealing word-for-word parts of Wikipedia pages, his own books, and the Associated Press, she highlights that: “then, ultimately, he did decide he was going to talk about it, in his explanation for all those instances where he’d been found to be straight up ripping people off and copying big pieces of other people’s work and presenting it as his own…his explanation was “that it was very unfair for people to be pointing this out. People are only reporting on this because they hate him!”

She then shows a clip where the presidential hopeful rants that he would like to “duel” with his accusers and that he was going to use footnotes to get “people to leave me the hell alone”. When further questioned, Rand Paul blamed it on “the stress of his heavy workload” and passing the buck on to his staffers. Apparently being a junior Senator and writing a weekly column for the Washington Times is just too much of a workload for Mr Paul.

With this man now announcing a run for the presidency, Maddow unloads both barrels: “If it is tough enough for you that you cannot handle that kind of a workload without plagiarizing your speeches and columns wholesale and threatening to duel with people who report on you for doing that, and people’s concerns about those issues drive you so far to distraction that it makes you threaten to quit politics forever and go home and go back to being an eye doctor? Well then, maybe being a junior Senator is not for you.”

The title may be Junior Senator, but Rand Paul has a history of behaving very childishly, and we cannot allow a man of such thin skin and poor work ethic anywhere near the Oval Office.

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