Watch: Irritated Rand Paul Walks Out of Interview When Pressed For Specifics

In this amusing clip, Republican 2016 hopeful Rand Paul gets irritated and straight-up walks out of an interview with the Guardian after being pressed for specifics on a criminal justice policy.

Reporter Paul Lewis was asking Rand Paul about how he planned to appeal to both center and right-wing voters with his political positions changing so frequently, who replied that “Your premise is incorrect, I’m sure I could walk into a white evangelical church in Iowa and give the exact same speech and get the exact same response.” Mr. Lewis then brought up a Washington Post poll and attempted to grill Rand Paul on the specifics, who then walks away.

“So we got our interview cut off” says the obviously confused reporter. “Maybe it was because I was about to push him on the specifics…all the lights are off in fact. We’re being told to go”.

The Paul campaign tweeted later that the interview was over and he did not “walk out”, which sounds like damage control, and at any rate it’s still a poor showing from a man who has had numerous run-ins with the press and has proven himself to be incapable of controlling his temper when pressed on important policy issues.

Watch it here:

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