Watch: Mika Brilliantly Destroys A Hillary-Hating Republican In Three Minutes

In this clip, Mika Brezinski confronts Carly Fiorina’s recent hypocritical attacks on Hillary Clinton with her own record and verbally shuts her down:

“I’m just wondering when you talk about blemishes, you have an amazing round of accomplishments in your life, but someone could say it like this: “You ran for the Senate and lost. You worked for John McCain, you got moved off that campaign, and he lost. You had a tenure at Hewlett-Packard that many describe as extremely rocky, destroying jobs and destroying the company’s reputation. Are you really the right person to be criticizing Hillary Clinton’s achievements?”

Carly Fiorina has been taking shots at Hillary over the past few days as she explores a run for the presidency, even releasing this video where she has the gall to question Hillary’s track record of accomplishments. Fiorina is just projecting her own failures on to a successful two-term Senator and Secretary of State and would be wise to reconsider after being demolished so handily by the Morning Joe crew.

After desperately dismissing Mika’s charges as “democratic talking points”, she attempts to defend her record by offering up some numbers of during her tenure as CEO, but even those can’t stand up to scrutiny. “You were fired after a disastrous merger with Compaq and the stock price dropped” points out guest Steve Rattner. When she attempts to defend its later success, he doubles up with: “That was because your successor managed to execute what you were not able to execute, which is why you were fired, I believe.”

Watch it here:

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