Watch: Anti-Obama Congresswoman Embarrasses Herself on CNN When Asked About Her ISIS Comments

Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn crashed and burned during a CNN interview when host Ashleigh Banfield grilled the lawmaker about her incoherent criticism of President Barack Obama’s response to the so called Islamic State.

Banfield quoted from a recent Blackburn interview when the Tennessee congresswoman said she wanted “more aggressive” action against ISIS from Obama, yet stopped short of calling for ground troops.

“I don’t know that I understand what exactly is more forceful than the position the president’s taken and what the president and coalition is doing,” Banfield said.

Blackburn replied with a vague non-response about how the president should be more aggressive without mentioning any specifics about what the president ought to do.

“I hear you, but I’m just not sure I understand what you’re saying though,” Banfield said. “What’s more aggressive than 47 tomahawk cruise missiles, four dozen aircraft, 200 pieces of ordinance, about 150 weapons with precision-guided munitions, all in just two days?”

“You’re saying the president needs to use ‘more force’ and be ‘more aggressive,’ using what?” Banfield asked.

Blackburn just continued to avoid taking any firm position besides vaguely arguing for more aggression.

Growing visibly frustrated with Blackburn’s circumlocution, Banfield decided to confront the congresswoman directly. “Do you want to see boots on the ground?” she asked. “I want you on the record.”

“I want us to annihilate all of these terrorist organizations,” Blackburn began to respond.

“Yeah, we all want that,” Banfield said. “How do you want that to happen?”

“If the airstrikes and the campaign that you’re seeing right now isn’t aggressive enough, in your words, do you want to see American boots on the ground?” she asked. “Is that the aggression that you’re looking for?”

Blackburn refused to go on the record with a substantive position.

Banfield stated, “This is a very simple question for a member of Congress to answer!”

Please watch the video via CNN below:

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