Watch: Jon Stewart Brilliantly Destroys Cheney's Blaming of Obama for His Own Failures

In this hilarious clip, Jon Stewart takes former Vice President and neo-con patriarch Dick Cheney to task for blaming President Obama for strengthening the Iranian “threat”, while it was really the colossal blunders and calculated incompetence of the Bush Administration that has led us to this point.

Cheney raised Stewart’s ire after appearing on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and blamed President Obama for weakening American influence and boosting that of Iran’s. Presented as a spoof on a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery, Jon Stewart ruthlessly analyzes the series of events, starting with the catastrophic invasion of Iraq, which removed Iran’s closest enemy and gave Iran time to build up their nuclear program. Cheney’s administration, desperate to curb the sectarian violence they unleashed after removing Saddam, appointed Nouri al-Maliki to run the transitional government- a Shiite leader who was deeply connected to Iran.

He then details Cheney’s business interests in Iran back in the 1980s and the absurd hypocrisy of his statements today: “Very interesting! You, sir, were arguing for the United States to lift sanctions on Iran, so YOUR company, Halliburton, could get contracts with this radical regime! Contracts worth millions of dollars! Pardon me if I’m impuning your character, my good man, but what would you make of a man whose final act in the business world before joining the American government was to enter into contracts with the number one sponsor of state terrorism in the world?”

The true extent of Cheney’s evil plots may never be known, but Jon Stewart does an amazing job of refuting the lies of one of the biggest war criminals in history.

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