Watch: Maddow Reveals the Crucial Distinction Between Hillary and Her GOP Rivals

In this eye-opening video, Rachel Maddow looks at the roll-out of the presidential campaigns on both sides and highlights the most important difference between the two: the way the Republican candidates are falling over backwards to court the biggest billionaires in the country, and the way Hillary Clinton is surrounding herself with populist leaders and taking a stand for the working families of America.

It’s clear that the divide between the two parties in American politics has never been greater. Maddow begins by investigating Scott Walker’s possible endorsement by the Koch brothers, the notorious industry neo-cons whose billions have been steadily undermining our American democracy since Citizens United passed. She explains that the Republican campaigns so far have been “a public, unapologetic race towards not just money, but towards unlimited money and the most prominent billionaires picking their candidate, and then running their campaign.”

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been “publicly and ostentatiously” taking the opposite route. She hired a major financial regulation enforcer to run her campaign finances, Gary Gensler, and has generally been evolving her campaign to become the “party of Elizabeth Warren”, to stand against the influence of money and corporations.

The Republicans are basically handing their party over to billionaires, while the Democrats are standing up for the American people and our democracy. The differences couldn’t be any clearer.

Watch it here:

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