Watch: Obama Unloads On His Critics, "I Take That Personally!"

In this passionate speech, President Obama forcefully refutes his critics who accuse him of not looking out for American workers with a powerful rebuttal:

“I take that personally. I’ve spent my entire presidency’s been about helping working families. I’ve been working too hard at this. And I’ve got some of those folks who are saying this stuff after all I’ve done to help lift their industries! I’ve spent six and a half years trying to wrest this economy out of the worst recession we’ve ever seen. I’ve had to do it against relentless opposition!

Every single thing we’ve done, from Obamacare to Wall Street reform to student loan reform to credit card reform to fighting for a fairer tax code, higher minimum wages, all of it has been for the middle class, and those working hard to get into the middle class. I’ve been talking about things like reversing income inequality and strengthening social mobility since BEFORE it was cool!”

President Obama is right. After all that he has done for American workers, even with unprecedented Republican obstructionism, his commitment to the working class can hardly be questioned.

Watch it here:

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