Watch: Missouri Cops Lock Newly-Elected Black Mayor Out of City Hall

Betty McCray was jubilant when she won the April 7th election for Mayor in the tiny town of Kinloch, Missouri, but didn’t know that was only the beginning of her troubles. As she attempted to enter City Hall and begin her work improving the lives of her impoverished 460 constituents, she was barred from the building by the police, who served her with terms of impeachment, under allegations of “voter fraud”.

“I won, the people spoke. I was sworn in by the city clerk of St. Louis county.” declared Mayor McCray. “I AM the Mayor of Kinloch.”

The city attorney says that impeachment papers were sent in the mail, but the Mayor never received them. The Mayor will file an injunction in St. Louis county and attempt to enter again tomorrow. In a town that has earned a reputation for corruption in City Hall, both the former Mayor and the previous Mayor have been arrested for various misdeeds. McCray believes this is a plot orchestrated by the previous administration to keep her out.

With luck and justice on her side, she will be successful in restoring some sanity to the town of Kinloch.

Watch it here:

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