Watch: Hillary Lists Three Reasons Why The Baltimore Protesters Have A Point

In this stirring clip, Hillary Clinton bluntly called for America to “come to terms with hard truths about race and justice in America”, for reform of the justice system, and an end to the mass incarceration policies in the criminal justice system. Speaking at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University, Clinton spoke forcefully about the crisis in policing and the systematic repression of black Americans by economic starvation.

“There is something wrong when 1/3rd of black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes and an estimated 1.5 million black men are “missing” from their families from incarceration and premature death. There is something wrong when one in three black men in Baltimore cannot find a job…We have allowed our justice system to get out of balance.”

The recent events in Baltimore are evidence enough that she’s right on the nail. While the Republican candidates have all stayed quiet and ignored the crisis, Hillary has proven once again that she is the one to take the initiative to grapple with the real problems that are facing the American people.

Watch it here:

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