Watch: FOX's Stacey Dash's Gives Awful Advice to Underpaid Women

New FOX News contributor and former actress Stacey Dash’s went on “Meredith Viera” to give her ridiculous advice to women attempting to bridge the pay gap: Work harder.

It’s a message that Meredith Viera took issue with, and made her look like a fool by giving her a dose of reality and statistics.

Talking about the gender pay gap, Dash said:

“It’s the same thing with race, it’s an excuse. Stop making excuses. If there are opportunities seize them and be prepared for them and be the best if that’s what it takes. If you have to be extraordinary then be extraordinary.”

At this point, Viera reminded Dash that women make 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.

“No I know the numbers are true but I feel like your daughter will be able to make as much money as she wants in her life just like you are. I mean look at you,” said Dash. “The success you have.

“I am successful but it took me a long time,” responded Viera. “It takes a lot of people a long time. For many years I was not getting paid the same as the guys.”

Dash had this to say about that: “I guess I won’t put my fate into anything other than my own action and taking my destiny in my hands. I will not be a victim.”

“I’m not saying I’m a victim,” said Viera. “I’m pissed off. I don’t want to be a victim.”

“And that’s the thing if you want to be pissed off about it then be pissed off about it and work harder for it,” said Dash. “I don’t think us complaining about it – because there is a law passed that we get equal pay.”

Veira didn’t let her get away with it, ending the exchange with a sad truth.

“Except we don’t,” said Viera. “We don’t. We don’t.”

Watch the video below:

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