FOX's Hannity Gets Schooled By Defense Attorney About Police Brutality

In this video, Sean Hannity’s whiny posturing turns nasty when his guest doesn’t agree with him, but criminal defense attorney Rebecca Nitkin holds her own and shuts him down with a passionate defense of her own.

“I’m in Montgomery County and I am dealing with police abuse every single day. I have a case tomorrow…his face is bashed in, his lip is gone, his eyes are crushed, the jail wouldn’t even take him, they made the police bring him back to the hospital, and the police report says he beat up five cops and then flung himself down the stairs, even though his legs are all scratched up from being dragged down the stairs.”

Hannity, sniveling jackal that he is, goes on the attack after this, asking if she was there, how she could really corroborate those events, and attacking her character, her credibility, and her motives, but she stays strong and to the point.

“I am saying it used to be that cops were wonderful, and I love them all, and it is heartbreaking for someone’s who’s a true believer, who’s dad is a Marine, who loves police, that they don’t protect and serve anymore!”

It’s sad to say but she’s right. Hannity and his ilk will never be able to comprehend any kind of dissenting opinion, but kudos to Ms. Nitkin for standing up for justice and the truth.

Watch it here:

h/t to Crooks and Liars

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