Watch: Jon Stewart Mercilessly Rips Carson and Huckabee for Absurd Announcement Ceremonies

In this hilarious clip, Jon Stewart derides the newest crop of GOP presidential wannabes for the absurd spectacles and bizarre statements made in their announcement ceremonies. From Ben Carson’s gospel hip-hop to Mike Huckabee’s love affair with his childhood BB gun, Stewart makes fun of it all.

Carson’s and Huckabee’s announcement videos are outpourings of trite cliches and “enough concentrated patriotism to make me [Stewart] sprout an America mustache”. The candidates themselves had some interesting choices of phrase indeed; Carson refused to back off from his “Obama is a psychopath” comment, and Huckabee recounted his love for his BB gun and how “it has never made him want to murder people.”

You can’t make this up. It is an incredible evisceration of the pandering and nuttiness that accompany Republican campaign announcements. It has to be seen to be believed.

Stewart finishes with a montage of their faces and a parody of a DJ turntable, and a final death sentence on the campaigns of those who have only just begun: “wika-WHO-wika-WHAT-wika-wika-SLIM CHANCES”.

Watch it here:

stewarthuckcarson by ctaylor1337

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