Jeb Bush Names George W. Bush As His Most Trusted Middle East Adviser

It’s a terrifying thought that we could once again see George W. Bush influencing global politics, but that’s just what probable presidential candidate Jeb Bush revealed to a group of donors. The Washington Post reported that at an exclusive meeting of rich conservatives in Manhattan, Jeb named his brother George, failed president and war criminal as his most trusted adviser on Israel: “If you want to know who I listen to for advice, it’s him.”

The move comes as a surprise for Jeb, who has tried to distance himself from his brother’s disastrous presidency and any allegations of continuing a “political dynasty”. His handlers quickly backed away from the statement, saying that he merely trusts his brother’s opinion on dealing with Israel, which can be briefly summarized as never criticizing or questioning anything they say or do, lest he offend his Jewish donors or the evangelical base, who have a weird fetishistic passion for Israel and its relation to the End of Days as prophesied in the Book of Revelations.

Jeb’s move was also in response to criticism from hardline Israeli hawks, who were angered by his former association with former Secretary of State James Baker, who has spoken out against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government for their refusal to accept a two-state solution to their perpetual conflict with Palestine.

The idea that Jeb relies on advice from his brother George is an astonishing prospect, considering the irreparable damage that he wreaked on this nation’s economy and on our international influence by plunging headlong into a catastrophic, unnecessary war in Iraq. The maintenance of a secret torture program in secret sites around the world, whose purpose was not revealed to the host countries didn’t help either, on top of the general attitude of pretentious arrogance stemming from ideological fantasies of American exceptionalism that poisoned every foreign policy move his administration made.

It makes Jeb’s failure in the upcoming election more important than ever.  It’s astonishing to see such blatant pandering for donation money, and shows just what kind of integrity a Jeb Bush presidency would have. If he lets his brother advise him on foreign policy decisions, God only knows what kind of mess he’ll drag this country into.

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