Watch: 4 Black Officers Racially Profiled By White Cops, Held At Gunpoint

In this shocking video, four New York State parole officers out serving a warrant are pulled over by Ramapo Police, who stop traffic and approach with guns drawn. The parole officers were  then allegedly pulled from their vehicle and slammed against the side of it, according to CNN. The profiled officers were wearing bulletproof vests and had their police badges prominently visible.

The officers have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Ramapo police for being racially profiled and for detaining them in a manner that was unnecessarily malicious and reckless. One of the detained officers, Shelia Penister, said that when she attempted to show her New York State ID to a police sergeant, he “became enraged and approached her in a threatening manner with his hand held on the butt of his gun.” Apparently the officers were roughed up a bit as well, although the video evidence fails to indicate that. In any case, all of the officers involved are suffering from PTSD, according to their lawyer.

While the Ramapo cops insist they were just reacting to a report of armed people in bulletproof vests in an unmarked car and there was no racial motivation at play, the situation is certainly questionable, and it is astonishing to see this kind of racism being perpetrated by cops against other cops!


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