Watch: Amy Schumer Hilariously Calls Out Republican Hypocrisy on Birth Control

In this equally amusing and shocking clip, Rachel Maddow plays an Amy Schumer clip that ruthlessly rips on the Republican plan to allow employers in Washington D.C. to fire or deny employment to female employees over their reproductive health choices.

Maddow opens with a clip from the Inside Amy Schumer show, where it mocks a classic drug advertisement: “Ask your doctor if birth control is right for you. Then, ask your boss if birth control is right for you. Then, ask your boss to ask his priest if birth control is right for you”. It continues along those lines in a hilarious way until she reaches the pharmacy and is informed she cannot have any refills for her birth control. To hit the point home, a child approaches and asks the pharmacist for a gun, who tosses it to him and reminds him “remember that’s your right!”

It was an unfortunately prescient joke by Ms. Schumer, because just recently Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has sponsored a bill to revoke women’s rights in Washington D.C. and place their reproductive health decisions in the hands of their employers. It is an egregious violation of women’s rights and control over their bodies.

It is all we can do to laugh at it, because otherwise one might cry at the onslaught of the Republicans’ war on women.

Watch it here:

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