Watch: Australian Tourist Shocked As LAPD Shoot & Kill Unarmed Homeless Man Right In Front Of Him

In this clip, an Australian tourist who witnessed a unarmed homeless man shot by police in Venice Beach, California, is outraged by the excessive violence and sums up the emotions that most reasonable people feel regarding these tragedies in one minute, albeit in the profane fashion typical of Australians.

Police killings in America have gotten incredibly out of hand. In the first week of May 2015, fourteen people were killed at the hands of police officer alone- two per day. The crisis is a blight on our society and an affront to the “protect and serve” motto that our police forces are supposed to embody. The culture of violence within police forces is killing our citizens without trial, and our dearly held justice system needs to step in and take action against those who decide to shoot first and ask questions later.

Watch it here, courtesy of AJ+:

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