Watch: Bernie Sanders Schools Wal-Mart Apologist On How Taxpayers Subsidize Poverty Wages

In this clip, Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes a Republican free market zealot, Scott Winship, to task for his knee-jerk defense of Wal-Mart’s corporate welfare. In addition, he slams big corporations for exploiting the social safety net and using it as a cushion to get away with paying their workers starvation wages while the shareholders reap billions.

“Do you think the Walton Family (owners of Wal-Mart), worth a hundred billion dollars, is in need of welfare from the middle class of this country, or do you think maybe we should raise the minimum wage so those workers can earn a living wage and not have to get Medicaid or food stamps?”

The free market shill from a conservative think tank that Sanders addresses the question to looks very uncomfortable and offended by the very words “corporate welfare”, as if saying the word itself demeans him and his insufferable pretension. The contemptous schmo replies that they should not raise the minimum wage because then Wal-Mart would refuse to hire them, implying that the working people should be grateful to have a job at all and not be resentful at being kept underpaid, held in purgatory as perpetually exploitable underclass.

It’s incredible that the megawealthy have gotten away with these taxpayer subsidies for so long. It is time to make them pay that money back, and invest that money back into the American people, back into our schools and our roads and back into the pockets of the people they stole it from.

Watch it here:

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