Watch: Bill Maher Rips On The Crazies Who Think Obama Wants To Invade Texas

In this hilarious clip, Bill Maher absolutely shreds the conspiracy theories regarding the military’s “plan” to “impose” “martial law” on the state of Texas and the ornery isolationism of Texas people in general. “To be competitive, Republican candidates must say to their base ‘I feel your crazy’”.

“In today’s Republican Party, you can’t call out the crazies because they are not a small group. In the Republican Party, “crazy” is a constituency!”

He then rips on Rand Paul for giving credibility to these crazy theories: “Look into it? Look into what? Whether Obama is planning to invade Texas? While you’re at, could you see if the Supreme Court is run by lizard people?”

He has some final words for the “Don’t Mess With Texas” people: “You are among the most left-alone, least messed with people on the planet. You can carry an assault rifle into Chili’s, what more do you want? You’re practically your own independent nation now! You’ve outlawed abortion, you’ve gutted government regulation to the teeth! You’re the White Somalia!”

Maher certainly hits it right one the head with this one.

Watch it here:

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