Watch Fox Hosts Turn On Each Other, Attacking Elizabeth Warren: "She Is The Devil"

In this clip, FOX hosts, devoid of any substantial new scandal to eagerly pass outrageous judgments on, has turned to rehashing the possibility of an Elizabeth Warren presidential run, and had some choice words to say about it:

Host Melissa Francis goes on the attack almost immediately: “I can tell you from talking to people on Wall Street and in the financial industry, they think she is the devil. They really think she is the devil.”

Astonishingly, Andrea Tantaros then goes to defend Warren: “You really have to give her some credit! She’s running against the big banks, some break for their derivatives? Boil that down to a soundbyte, that’s a political winner.”

The male host joins Tantaros in a surprising show of populist support: “We all hate the banks for what happened four or five years ago”- but is instantly cut off Francis, “No, we don’t! Speak for yourself!”. He then goes on to praise Warren for her causes and her academic credentials.

Turns out the populist ideas that Warren and Sanders support might have some reach across the aisle after all.

Watch it here:

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