Watch: Stewart Hilariously Mocks Lindsey Graham's Alarmist Campaign Launch

In this clip from last night’s the Daily Show, Jon Stewart ruthlessly mocks Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) campaign announcement. He tears into Graham for his blatant fear-mongering and Islamophobic speech, in which Graham painted the situation in the Middle East as “literally on fire”, that ISIS was plotting at all times to destroy America (they aren’t) and that peace with “radical Islam” is impossible (it’s not).

He then makes fun of the bizarre choice of song that accompanied the end of the speech- James Brown’s “I Feel Good”, which felt very out of place after Graham went on and on about the “culture of death” and all of the “enemies that want to kill us”. It was not a message of hope, or of change. It was a desperate appeal to our most basic instincts by a longshot candidate who is so wildly ignorant of his platform issue that it is truly comical.

Watch it here:

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