Watch: Sanders Explains To Seth Meyers Why His Ideas Are As American As Apple Pie

In this clip from last nights Late Night With Seth Meyers, Bernie Sanders sits down with Seth Meyers to talk about democratic socialism and the importance of public higher education. Meyers asks about his courageous use of the term at all: “You describe yourself as a democratic socialist, which some say is a dangerous thing politically to describe yourself as…are you concerned at all about framing yourself as this, this thing that so many people have a negative connotation with?”

Sanders, in his usual way, has clearly gotten over any of that concern and tells Meyers that “not if we have the opportunity to describe what democratic socialism is.” He cites the successes of socialist and labor governments Europe, citing their wide access to higher education, healthcare, early childhood education, retirement benefits, and concern for the environment. “Once people understand that in those countries, governments are working for the middle class and not the billionaire class, I think we can get our message across” says Sanders.

The talk then turns to the dangers of comparing America to another country and how that would resonate with voters, and Bernie is quite frank: “I think we’ve got to be honest. There’s a lot of things we do very very well. But there are things we do not do very well. Are we happy that 99% of all new income is going to the 1%? Are we happy that one family in this country owns more wealth than the bottom 135 million people? Are we happy that we have a campaign finance system now, thanks to Citizens United, that allows billionaires to buy elections?”

No, we aren’t happy about it, and it’s time for change in America. Bernie Sanders is a visionary that will lead our nation to great heights. It’s time to right the wrongs of the Reagan/Bush eras now that the economy has stabilized under Obama, and Bernie is the man to do it.

Watch it here:

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