Watch A Grieving Father Confront Tom Cotton: "When Do My Kids Come Home Safe?"

In this video, a distraught father takes ignorant warmonger Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) to task for his relentless attempts to send American soldiers back to die in the mountains of Iraq. Cotton, the leader of the forty-seven traitors that attempted to derail the nuclear negotiations with Iran, has since been relentlessly banging the war drums about the need to destroy the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh).

Frank Boenig, whose son died in Afghanistan and has three more children in serving in the military, participated in a foreign policy roundtable with Cotton, and tells him that “whenever I hear you speak, all I can hear is someone knocking on my door again. Let me ask you something: Can you tell me how long it’s been since the last combat zone death? That’s what its all about. That’s not keeping us safe.” Cotton has no answer. “It’s 58 days” replies Boenig. “Let me ask you a followup, since that number means nothing to you: when do we hang up the Mission Accomplished banner and bring my kids home safe?”

Cotton has no answer to that either, but begins to say that “the best way to honor our veterans is to…” before being cut off by Boenig: “to have more of them killed?” “is to win the wars in which they’ve fought” Cotton weakly finishes. “We’ve been fighting in Iraq for 24 years!” replies Beonig with disgust.

Boenig continues to hammer Cotton on his jingoistic delusions of foreign conquest, rightfully putting the threat that the Islamic State presents in perspective. It is a serious threat, but not one that demands boots on the ground and more needless deaths. Boenig calls out Cotton for his connections to arms manufacturers and their interests in dragging America back to war: “The day after you signed that letter, you went and spoke at a defense contractors. It’s very clear what your views are…when you talk about sending our kids again, let’s make it worth it, not to politically help some Halliburton or someone to make money.”

Beonig is absolutely right. There is no reason for America to go back to Iraq, or heaven forbid, Syria or Iran. This constant fear-mongering by the FOX News echo chamber is a ploy to take cheap shots at President Obama and to eventually make money for the military industrial complex. We cannot let America forget the lessons of Iraq so quickly.

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