Watch: Texas Cop Rampages Pool Party, Harasses Black Kids, Gets Suspended

A pool party quickly turned chaotic Friday in Mckinney, Texas when police arrived to the scene and began to chase, handcuff, berate and unnecessarily body slam adolescent girls for not obeying their every command..


The video begins showing a group of young teens dispersing a pool area to the sound of one hyped-up Mckinney officer yelling “MOVE, MOVE” while sprinting down a sidewalk with a baton – only to trip and fall down as he made his way past the videographer.


After getting back to his feet, the Texas cop continued sprinting across the street where he began forcing witnesses to the ground, even handcuffing a few bystanders.

“Get your ass out of here!” the officer yelled and a group of girls pulling a cooler.

After detaining a few more teens, the cop decided to give them a piece of his mind, probably upset and embarrassed that they had seen him trip on his own two feet.

“Don’t make me fucking run around here with 30 pounds of god damned gear on in the sun. Cuz’ you want to screw around out here?”

The cop quickly moves on to a group of teens huddled near the scene and took offense to them for allegedly running their mouths and demanded that they leave right away which they begrudgingly complied. The cop then went further down the sidewalk to shout at another group of kids but this time grabbed a young girl in a bikini and drug her by the arm and eventually slammed her to the pavement.


Bystanders were immediately upset by the cop taking such a violent approach to a situation and started to move in and help the girl. At that point, the cop draws what appears to be his service pistol as the bright yellow taser can be seen still attached to his belt and chases away the crowd. Luckily two other officers arrive to the scene at that very moment which may have prevented a very bad situation.

Nonetheless, the cop returns to violently assaulting the young girl by repeatedly shoving her head into the ground with the full force of his body.

According to the YouTube description of the video, the cops were called to the scene for a fight between a mom and a girl. It is unclear whether a fight was still in progress when police arrived to the scene, but it is clear the reaction by the officer who did most of the yelling and grappling was out of line.

Mckinney Police released a statement on their Facebook page stating that the video has “raised some concerns” which are being investigated at this time.

Watch the full video below

H/T & Updates: PINAC News

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