Watch: Obama Fact Checks Obamacare Critics In One Glorious Minute

In this clip from President Obama’s remarks at the G-7 Summit in Krün, Germany, he destroys six years of lies and false horror stories about the Affordable Care Act. “What’s more is that this thing is working!” he proudly announces. “Part of what’s bizarre about this whole thing is that we haven’t had a conversation about the ‘horrors of Obamacare’ because they haven’t come to pass. Sixteen million people have gotten health insurance! Overwhelming majority of them are satisfied with their health insurance. It hasn’t had an adverse effect on the people who already had health insurance!”

He then tackles the economic aspects of the ACA: “The costs have come in substantially lower than even our estimates about how much it would cost. Healthcare inflation overall has continued to be at some of the lowest levels in fifty years. None of the predictions about how this wouldn’t work have come to pass.”

No matter how much FOX News and their army of ignorant pundits weep and moan and gnash their teeth, there is no denying the Obamacare has been a resounding success for the people of this nation and for President Obama’s administration.

Watch it here:

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