Watch Ann Coulter: White Male Supremacy The Key GOP Victory In 2016

In this clip, conservative demagogue and firebrand hatepreacher Ann Coulter joins Bill O’Reilly to tell the Republican Party to continue ignoring and disregarding minorities and to “drive up the white vote”. Coulter is of course out peddling her newest collection of deranged xenophobic rants that is only barely quantifiable as a “book”. Coulter demonstrates a very questionable understanding of polling and numbers in general when she says that Romney would have lost if he’d gathered more of the Hispanic vote, but would have won with a few more percent of the white vote.

O’Reilly cites George W. Bush’s good polling among Hispanics in the 2000 election and Romney’s complete failure to capture any substantial part of that vote as possibly a reason for Republicans to embrace the immigration issue, which Coulter sharply refutes: “That is a total cliche, completely false…the way Republicans win is by driving up the white vote. It is not by appealing to women, or Hispanics, or blacks. Those groups will begin fighting among each other.”

O’Reilly is confused and put off by her unwarranted aggressiveness: “But do you think that white voters at this point, almost every poll says” but is instantly cut off by Coulter: “THEY’RE ALL LYING.” She continues in this manner for several minutes, fabricating an absurd argument whose only evidence is “because I said so”, stopping only to glorify Reagan for a second.

We can only ask the Republican Party to follow her advice. Please, continue ignoring minority groups, and women, and LGBT Americans. You don’t need or deserve the White House next year.

Watch it here:

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