Watch: How Racist Backlash To Obama Led To The Rise Of Right Wing Terrorism

In this clip, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen, analyzes the growth of right-wing hate groups in America- 784 different extremist cells, with more appearing every month. It’s grown to the point where police agencies in America are more concerned about right-wing radicals than they are about Muslim terrorism.

Cohen states that”the big increase in the number of hate groups in the last fifteen years has been in response to changing demographics in our country- it preceded the election of our President [Obama] but was intensified by him…whenever a Democratic president comes into office, suddenly people start talking of ‘they’re going to take our guns’ whips up hysteria, people start buying ammunition, and these crazed, conspiratorial right-wing militia groups spring up.”

They then discuss the Council of Conservative Citizens, the hate group that inspired the Charleston killer, and the culture of the Confederacy and racism in the South- the fact that they still celebrate Robert E. Lee Day, and Jefferson Davis Day, and other notable traitors- Cohen calls for this to change.

It’s a very interesting and intellectual discussion that is sore missing from most mainstream media, and especially on the right-wing, coverage.

Watch it here:

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