Watch: Obama Devastates GOP With New Ad, "THIS Is What Change Looks Like!"

This video looks back at President Obama’s eight years as the leader of these United States and all the incredible achievements that he’s accomplished during that time. It celebrates all the change that came to fruition from campaign promises.

More Americans are graduating high school than ever before. Sixteen million Americans have gained health insurance since Obama took office- and America’s uninsured rate is at it’s lowest ever. Obama’s tenure has added 12.8 million jobs- 223,000 in June alone. Our nation is less dependent on foreign oil than it has in three decades. He’s reduced the deficit by two-thirds. “America is changing quickly, and we’re adapted our policies to change with it! We’re looking forwards, we’re not looking backwards!” exudes a triumphant Obama.

It’s a heartwarming video that will fill you with the passion and hope that carried him to the Presidency in 2008. He’s an incredible President who has accomplished so much and redefined an American generation, redirected our nation from sliding into the abyss following the disastrous reign of George W. Bush. We will miss him tremendously.

Watch it here:

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