GOP Frontrunner Donald Trump: I STILL 'Don't Know' If Obama Was Born In The US!

The American media circus continues to shine its spotlight on Donald Trump, giving him a constant soapbox from which he can spout all sorts of nonsensical ramblings that somehow pass for a political platform among Republicans voters these days. His racist rants against Mexican-Americans have already shot him to fame among the small section of Americans who’ve been listening to FOX News for the past eight years and have been indoctrinated to respond to such petty rabble-rousing.

Now he’s gone back to one of his other favorite subjects- birtherism. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Trump once again decided to revive the long-dead non-issue of President Obama’s origin and nationality. No matter how many birth certificates our President has released, predatory and ambitious politicians have kept bringing up the issue to fan the flames of xenophobia and disrespect our Commander-in-Chief.

Cooper asked Trump whether or not he’d admit he was wrong about the birth certificate issue, and Trump refused to back down. “I don’t know…I really don’t know. He came up with this thing, all of a sudden, miraculously.” It’s astonishing that the Republican Party has been reduced to this- for their frontrunner to be still obsessed with trivial and insulting issues like this really shows how little respect the Republican Party have for their own brand, and for our nation as a whole.

Absent any kind of comprehensive policy platform or legitimate proposals for addressing the deep structural problems facing our nation, Trump was able to offer only “I’m about jobs. I’m about the military. I’m about doing the right thing for this country. I want to make our country great again.” Bombastic pronouncements and casual xenophobia will not do anything for this nation, and it’s clearer than ever that the Republican Party has nothing to offer our country anymore.

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