Watch: Nobel Winner Blasts Trump, He's A 'Loud-Mouth Racist!'

In this video, Paul Krugman takes Donald Trump to task for his offensive and xenophobic remarks and lambastes the Republican Party for having allowed themselves to fall so far. The Nobel laureate and famed NYTimes correspondent discusses the carnival barker who has captivated the Republican Party with Joe Weisenthal on Bloomberg TV. In a scathing denouncement, Krugman calls him out: “he’s a belligerent, loudmouth racist with not an ounce of compassion for less fortunate people…In other words, he’s exactly the kind of person the Republican base consists of and identifies with.”

Krugman then goes on to make some choice remarks about the absurdly large GOP field, and compares it to the similar circus that took place in 2012- from the vicious infighting which characterized the primary, the cookie-cutter orthodoxy and strict adherence to party dogma which rendered the candidates identical, and ultimately spelled a crushing defeat for the GOP. Krugman says that “one after another, basically ludicrous candidates but loudmouthed, angry ludicrous candidates, shot to the top of the polls…In the end they nominated Mitt Romney, who on substance was not that different the others. And probably the same thing will happen this time around with Jeb Bush playing that role.”

He’s absolutely right. It’s a monster of the GOP’s own making. After eight years of relentless hyper-nationalist propaganda emanating from the FOX News echo chamber, Trump is the only candidate that openly says the things that they’ve been told to believe for the past eight years. Their candidate platforms are all identical, but Trump has stood above the crowd by daring to be open about his racism, and it really says something about the GOP base that his signature blunt and abrasive style is so popular among them.

Watch it here:

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