Watch: Brother of Slain SF Woman Rips Trump for Politicizing Her Death to Justify His Racism

In this video, Brad Steinle, the brother of the woman slain by an undocumented immigrant slams Donald Trump for having the audacity to use her tragic death to excuse his racism against hispanic immigrants.

When asked if he thought Trump was “using” his sister’s death, he had a simple answer: “YES.”

“I would hope that people would reach out and get our views, and our input in whats going on. You hear Donald Trump talking about Kate Steinle like he knows her. I’ve never heard a word from his campaign manager, never heard a word from him. Its disconcerting and I don’t want to be affiliated with someone who doesn’t have the common courtesy to reach out and ask about our political views and what we want.”

“If you’re gonna use somebody’s name and sensationalize the death of a beauty young lady,” he said, “maybe you should call and talk to the family first and see what their views are.”

Watch the video below:

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