Pro-Confederate Neo-Nazis Admit Hate For Obama And Blacks Is Fueling Their Popularity

In this video, Channel 4 News interviews two members of the most prominent American Neo-Nazi group, the National Socialist Movement. They had some very disturbing things to say about President Obama and what they think about our nation. The camera opens on the two men giving the “Sieg Heil” salute beloved of the German Nazi party, in front of a truck adorned with the Confederate flag.

“So you think white people are under siege?” asks the reporter. “Absolutely. We’re facing extinction” replies one extremist.

The reporter then moves to the recent push to get the Confederate flag removed from state buildings: “Do you think the events in Charleston have had an impact on your membership and the people interested in your organization?”

Alarmingly, the radical says”Undoubtedly. The number of phone calls and emails and one on one encounters that we’re getting…whites are getting fed up. Whites are getting tired of being disenfranchised and neglected by their own government.”

And the final kicker: “Does it make you angry that a black man is your president?” “Absolutely” he replies. “We’re a white nation, founded by and for the white man.”

For all the protests of the right-wing that the Confederate flag is about their “heritage” and not about racism, this is definitive proof that that narrative is entirely false. The radicalization of white extremism in America has taken a dangerous turn during President Obama’s tenure, and this kind of unabashed racism and hatred is what eight years of constant xenophobic hatred spewed from FOX and other conservative echo chambers produces.

Watch it here:

American Neo-Nazis by ctaylor1337

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