Watch: Confederate Flag-Waving KKK Members Vow To 'Hang' Blacks, Taunt Them With Gorilla Noises

In this clip, a confrontation breaks out between KKK members and anti-racism protesters at a Klan rally in front of the South Carolina statehouse. All protests that the Confederate flag represented “heritage” and not bigotry and racism flew out the window as KKK members taunted black protesters with gorilla noises, lynching threats, and other hateful attacks. Klan leaders apparently promised that the rally would be peaceful, but unsurprisingly, it did not turn out that way. Confederate flags are everywhere as uniformed white supremacists spread their atrocious message.

It’s disturbing footage that really shows how deep racism and hatred is embedded in the United States, that we really haven’t made much progress in the past hundred and fifty years since the end of the Civil War, and that we have some real soul-searching and reflection to do as we move into a new future and decide what kind of a nation we’re going to be. Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina pleaded for people to stay away: “Our family hopes the people of South Carolina will join us in staying away from the disruptive, hateful spectacle members of the Ku Klux Klan hope to create over the weekend and instead focus on what brings us together.”

Watch it here:

On the other hand, this shot was also taken at the rally:


It’s of a black cop, helping a white supremacist into the shade for some water. It’s important to remember that scenes of cooperation like this are much more common than the shocking hatred shown in this video.

h/t to Raw Story

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