Trump: I Would 'Love' to Have Sarah Palin In My Cabinet, 'She's A Special Person'

Just when you thought that Donald Trump couldn’t possibly be any more clownish, he whipped out the big AR-15 guns. Ever since our once proud and robust democracy got sold to the highest bidder in the form of Citizen’s United, it seems we now live in both a plutocracy and demockrazy. So perhaps Donald Trump is simply the inevitable evil spawn of such a grotesque perversion of government.

But when it comes to hilariously unqualified and decidedly glib candidates, Sarah Palin is the all time top seller. But being nothing more than a superficial, attention-seeking rabble-rouser, it’s only natural that Trump would want her in his corner. 

Palin has managed to make a cool mint out of exploiting America’s only limitless resource: ignorance. Her most recent scandal has been getting caught skimming from her own SuperPAC, SarahPac, and treating it like her personal bank account. But none of these massive ethical lapses mean anything to Donald Trump, who himself is being sued for defrauding thousands of people in with his “Trump University” scam.

Appearing on the “The Palin Update,” a show dedicated to all things Palin (like she needs even more unnecessary attention), Trump actually called Palin a “tough and smart” leader who shamelessly propagated bravely stood up to “disgusting lies.” For those of use with real functioning brain cells, we know that Sarah is neither tough (she quit her elected post as Alaska Governor) nor smart (just YouTube search any of her speeches). Furthermore, we know that it was that vile woman who perpetuated every lie in the book, particularly about President Obama and Roy Ayers. 

 “If there is a Trump administration, could you see picking up the phone, giving the governor a call and picking her brain on some things, or perhaps having her along in some official capacity.” (RightWingWatch)

Donald Trump’s current popularity among Republicans appears to be an illusion of saliency; that is, a flash-in-the-pan retreat from Jeb Bush. However, that the seemingly popular GOP candidate is talking about bringing in Sarah Palin confirms the Republican party has truly devolved into an unrecognizable smorgasbord of lunacy.

Listen to the entire exchange below, via RightWingWatch

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