Watch: FOXNews Hosts Give Women The Worst, Most Sexist Advice Ever

In this astonishing and disturbing clip, FOX News’s Andrea Tantaro, Stacey Dash and the rest of the gender-traitors on Outnumbered defend a grossly misogynistic article published in Glamour magazine. Tantaros happily condemns the role of modern women to one of servitude: “Oh please! Look at this list, it has great suggestions in here!” she raves. Her list of suggestion for wives to please their husbands sounds like it was written by frat boys: Make him a sandwich after sex! Bring him beer in the shower! Answer the door in your lingerie! Let him solve your petty work problems, because it makes him feel manly and silly women can’t make decisions for themselves!

She claims (although almost certainly does not) that she “is a very traditional old-fashioned girl and I do these things for my man. I do. And that’s why they are always smiling.”

It’s very difficult to hear such blatant appeals to patriarchal dominance as the Republican Party pushes forward bills to defund Planned Parenthood and give employers the ability to fire pregnant single mothers. The war on women is very real, and the hosts of Outnumbered are collaborators of the worst kind.

Watch it here:

H/T: Rawstory

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