Watch Maddow Explain Trump-Mania 'They Don't Give a Flying Combover About Winning'

In this clip, Rachel Maddow explains why the Republican voters love Trump so much, and what that means about their field of candidates and the future of their party.

Maddow shows data from a new poll that suggests that Republican voters want Trump because they like his bombastic charisma more than the tired and boring pretension of establishment Republicans- and they like that more than they want to win. “In both Iowa and New Hampshire, by a 2-1 margin, Republican voters said they want a candidate who they agree with, rather than one who can win” says Maddow.

Which is good news for the Democratic Party. It’s very ironic that the the GOP establishment is confounded by the way Republican voters are now behaving, when they are simply mimicking the behavior of their legislators. Congressional Republicans don’t get anything done, but time and time again draft legislation like the Obamacare repeals that have no chance of passing- because they want to. And now their voting base is responding in kind.

Watch it here:

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